Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look at Us

This is the funnest picture ever of me and the kid. Yellowstone National Park last year was a blast but we just did not have enough time there to make it through the whole place. Unfortunately I have a older laptop from the stone age that has the smallest amount of memory possible in the history of computers and I can't keep a lot of pictures available. However, I do have this one that I will never delete. Thought some would like to see the most updated picture I have of me and Kalyn. If you don't know she is a swimmer and an adventurer. This kid loves to hike, camp and do anything outdoors and I love it. I will tell the world that when she was little I had no idea what I was doing as a father. I believe now that it has something to do with the fact that I may have not been ready when she came along. When you have one child you make every attempt to make sure they are perfect in every way. Advice to all parents "STOP!!!!!!". They are not going to be perfect and the only thing we can do as parents is to advise them the best way to go in their lives. Ultimately as I have figured out in the last year. They are going to make their own decisions and that is just the way it is. Yes I am here to correct her and guide her but I cannot make her perfect and I will not attempt to do so.
Word of advice #2. Read a parenting book. I cannot tell you how important this is when it comes to raising your child. I thought because I was raised a certain way I had to do it the same way. Guess what I am completely wrong!!!!! Don't get me wrong my Mother and Father did a good job but I am just a little different about how I think some things should be addressed. I have learned that as a parent you must understand that every child is different and yours might not be exactly who you want them to be. Word of advice #3. Get over that really quick. I thought Kalyn would be an all-star swimmer and take to the water like a fish without difficulty. Boy was I wrong and dead wrong at that. I am not saying the kid can't swim. What I am saying is that I am proud of her because she has heart and never quits. This is the only 7 year old who takes on the challenege of swimming the 100m IM at every swim meet just so she can complete it. When Kalyn is done with swimming I hope she looks back and sees who she made herself into as a person by not quitting. I have learned that winning is fun but it is also overrated. If you are worried about eour kids winning every competition they are in then you are worried about the wrong thing.
Word of Advice #4. Make sure they are right with God. We as parents spent months praying for Kalyn's salvation. When she finally accepted Jesus Christ as her savior it was the most wonderful moment in my life since her birth. When she was born it was special but when she was reborn into the Kingdom of Christ it was one-hundred times better. God has showed me ways to be merciful and understanding. It is my job to show her the love of Jesus Christ through me. We as parents need to keep this in mind no matter what situation our children are in. Do not be foolish like me and get your education in parenting from the "School of Hard Knocks". Get out there and read a book or two. They are full of good advice.
Word of Advice #5. Give them good role models. My daughter has always struggled with finishing and doing her best. I am not a GATOR in any way shape or form but when Tim Tebow was drafted by the Denver Broncos and my daughter loves the Denver Broncos I watched her jump ten feet in the air. You are not always gonna be around and sometimes your children need to look in other places to find a source of encouragement. Make sure we are picking good ones.

Flanders Out.

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