Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mambo Italiano

So Kalyn is taking a shower this morning and I hear her singing in the shower and I recognize the rythm of the song and it is "Mambo Italiano". I am sure we have all heard it in the Olive Garden and Carrabba's or if your a Soprano's fan I am sure you heard it there somewhere. Anyway, Kalyn's version goes more like this "Hey Mamo momo a mommy mo." This is hilarious because she has been doing this all day even when we have played the song for her and allowed her to hear it a few times so that she would sing it right. I however am more content to listen to her sing it the wrong way. Kalyn is a hilarious kid and this just adds to the stuff that we can laugh about when she is older. That is the funniest thing that happened today but we will see what happens tomorrow.

Flanders Out.

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  1. This kind of reminds me of Kalyn doing her "Snoop Me" dance! haha