Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Update (Traumatic Brain Injury)

So this is Heather Grover. She is the wife of another deacon named Dave Grover. Heather is an adversary of mine during the college football season. Heather is a FLORIDA GATOR through and through. I am sure - and have it on good authority that she wore a Florida Gators sweatshirt all around the Denver metro area the day after Tim Tebow was picked in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Denver Broncos. I am a fan of the Tebow pick but let me tell you I would rather lick a frozen lamp post than wear a Florida Gators sweatshirt. The highlight of the weekend however, is the way the Heather described her impression of the first time she saw me. Little known to all who are reading this, but about 6 months before we started attending Cornerstone Church together, we bought a dog gate from Heather off of Craigslist. When we bought the gate we had no idea that we would be attending church with her and her husband months later and also becoming friends with them.

Okay so back to the story. So Heather and Erin are talking outside our (now gone) Jeep Cherokee and Heather says something to Erin and then Heather speaks to me and she says that I muttered something incoherently - which she did not understand. Heather said her immediate thought was "Awwww. He just came back from deployment and he's got a traumatic brain injury." Now, I know that I can be quiet in social settings and I can be a little off, but as of right now I do not have a TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY.

However, after this morning I am sure Erin would disagree. Today was Erin's BIG DAY at school toward finishing her degree. She had to prepare a major lesson plan and teach it to all the kids in her class. But guess who dropped the ball today?

Kalyn Flanders



See, Erin had gotten a large quantity of books from the library and was planning to use them while teaching her lessons. As we were packing up from the evening of studying at church last night, I offered to carry her stuff to the car because it was raining.

I forgot the books.

This would result in a phone call around 9:00 this morning while I was sitting in my office that made me wanna puke because I felt so horrible about it. Erin, being the most resourceful woman I have ever met, rose to the challenge and fixed the issue but it still doesn't change the fact that I fumbled on the one yard line and almost lost the big one for my wife.

Not to mention the fact that I think I made her late for work by telling her I forgot my beret in the car.  And then when she came to give it to me I realized it was in my backpack and not in the car. I don't have a traumatic brain injury but the way my brain has been all over the place I wouldn't doubt something was a little wrong upstairs. Anyway, have a great week everybody.  Flanders out.

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