Saturday, May 15, 2010

Time to Play Catchup

So here we are another week and many more adventures have been had. Since the last blogging session we have attended a "Youth Silly Supper"and eaten a large amount of good food. My wife has completed her Bachelors Degree and I have closed down another semester towards my Masters Degree. So, as we crawl out from under the rock that we have been under for the last couple of weeks all I wanna say is "How y'all doin.?"
So this Silly Supper thing was an interesting endeavor that happened. So they give you this menu with clues on it and the idea of the thing is that you are supposed to try and guess the items, get them right and have the right courses with your first, second and third courses. I happened to either be lucky or good and get all of the items right except one. This made for a very boring silly supper for me but when Kalyn got hers and her first course was all desserts she thought it was the greatest meal of all time.
This child ate like crazy for the first two courses but after course two and the bloodstream was full of sugar the high began followed by the eventual massive crash known as the sugar low. You would think with all the sugar my kid took in from the desserts that she had drank a ROCKSTAR. Thanks to the youth group at CSBC for the diabetic coma that insued for my daughter later that night. However, we did get her to eat a large meal which is a feat almost as elusive as the Triple Crown is for horse racing.
Random Fail of the week is right here.

This is the greatest pizza in the Denver Metropolitan Area. Domino's I have to inform you that no matter how many time you revise your recipe it will never come close to this piece of heaven right here. Big Bills is our favorite place on a lot of Wednesday nights before church and it may be the most patriotic pizza place in the United States. Everytime I have been there someone comes up to me and shakes my hand and thanks for my service. Once a random stranger bought our dinner. Not only is the food great the atmosphere and the people are awesome. This is the Combination Pizza minus black olives and mushrooms on half. Take a guess of who ate the mushroomless side. Not this guy. Have you ever thought about what makes a great pizza? In my opinion a New York style pie cannot be beat. The crust, and the sauce at this establishment are among the best that I have ever had. Big Bill if your out there reading this you have even won over my heart and beaten out Lovezolla's and Spanky's in Savannah, Ga. as my favorite pizza.

Yes. This is my daughter. Kalyn decided to copy me when I started eating my pizza with a fork instead of holding it with my hands. This was a super long piece of cheese and I happened to pull the camera out at just the right time to get this picture. Gotta love this kid.
BBQ Season has begun!!!!
We launched BBQ season with the marking of Erin's completion of her B.S. in Education from Liberty University. She has been waiting on this since before Kalyn came into our lives and now it is complete. No better way to celebrate than with BBQ, Corn Casserole, and Cole Slaw. We have a banana pudding on standby for later. We did the unthinkable today and that was we approached the outside boundaries of BBQ when we tackled the "Mustard Sauce". No. We are not from South Cakalacky and we do not prefer a mustard based sauce but we tried it in order to see if we could do it. Guess what? It was simplistic and this shows me why those from South Carolina prefer the mustard based sauce. They are not creative enough to create the ketchup based sauce. I am not giving away any of my secrets about smokin' pork shoulders but you can see the finished product here and it is impressive. It looks, tastes and smells impressive. This is my forte'. So if you wanna lesson in BBQ'in come see me.

Flanders Out.

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