Friday, August 13, 2010

Before the Weekend

This week has flown by!  I was afraid that with Kalyn back to school this week, I would be bored.  However, I have been working on a reupholstery project to occupy my time and it is going great! the interest of full disclosure, it was going great until yesterday when I noticed some fibers from the dropcloth in the polyurethane coat on the wood pieces of the chair.  Ugh.....

I can't bring myself to go check it because I don't want to have to sand and touch up and re-apply the polyurethane.  Does anyone have any suggestions for this?  The pieces were not moved around and the garage door was closed to prevent wind from blowing stuff onto the wet polyurethane.  It is like it magnetically jumped onto the top of the pieces I worked on as they were drying.  By the way....can fibers really magnetically jump?  I ran a cloth with mineral spirits over it (as recommended) to clean the chair off before I applied the polyurethane.

So, since I haven't already, let me introduce you to my current project!

Little (boring, but pretty) Shabby Chic-Kind-of-Chair

I saw this chair at Oh So Charming's monthly antique event.  I thought it would make a good replacement chair for our bedroom.  However, when we got it home the scale was not right for our room.  It is much to small to go with the rest of our furniture, so it is in the process of becoming Kalyn's new reading chair.  She has outgrown her reading chair in her room and loves to curl up with a good book.  This will make a perfect chair for her as she grows.  I have painted the legs and arms glossy black and am in the process of cutting out fabric for the reupholstering.  We have white walls in our house so the white on white on white was not looking so good! 

I will give you one picture today and maybe a few in the coming days to see some of the changes coming for this little chair.

Alright - I think I'm motivated now to go work on my project!  Oh!  One more thing!

If you are in the Denver metro area and like antiques/repurposed items - check out Oh So Charming's August event this weekend!  They are in located Littleton and only open for one weekend each month.  Also tomorrow, August 14th, is an Old Town Market Saturday in the Littleton Historic Downtown area. 

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