Saturday, August 14, 2010

Input Wanted...Yep! That Means You!

OK friends, if you are reading this then we want your input!  Your advice!  Suggestions!  Yes, we want them all!  We found some bookshelves on Craigslist this week and have started stripping and priming them for a fresh coat of paint and hardware before they come inside.  Here is a picture of one of the bookshelves we bought.

Dave reminded me to take a picture before he started and I kept putting it off.  By the time I grabbed my camera he had already taped off the edges of the glass.  There is also a smaller bookshelf.  It was two shelves instead of the four this one has. 

So here is where you come in!  How should we paint these!?!?!?!?!    What should we do to these?  Here is what we know...
  • The third shelf needs new glass.  Easy fix.
  • We are going to paint the inside of the shelves a light color - in between white and cream.  I can't remember the color we grabbed - but it's pretty.
And that's all we know.  We haven't been able to agree on a color for the outside of the shelves!  We could do an ivory with a glaze on them.  That could be nice.  Or something that really stands out - like a robin's egg blue with the white shelves.  Or an espresso brown .  Or RED!  That would be fun!!  There are so many choices - help us out!  What do YOU think would look good?  One more thing - these bookshelves are made of a mix of solid wood and a composite wood product so I'm NOT going to refinish them by sanding them down and restaining.

Oh!  I found some hardware today at Oh So Charming (the ladies there are great, by the way) and Dave tried it on the shelves when we got home to make sure the scale looked nice.  They added a welcome change to the nondescript hardware that was already on them. 

Here is a look at one of the pieces of hardware.  I snapped the picture before Dave removed the hardware to prime the shelves, but didn't get a picture of the others.  All the hardware we got was fairly similar, but there are only two of each piece.  We will use a mixture of the hardware once we are finished. 

Alright.  You've seen the bookshelves and some of the hardware.  How should these be painted??


  1. Ok, to paint around the glass you might want to get some paper bags or butcher paper to cover all the glass, just in case of drips. Also, I would go with the ivory or the robin's egg blue and do an antique finish over the paint job. What about the blue of the lamp in the living room? I know you don't like the scale of the lamp, but that blue would help tie all the colors together. You could even do a color match and go a couple of steps lighter...

  2. Heather - No, this pair of shelves is not an old set. They are newer construction and are a mix of solid wood and a composite wood product.