Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday Night Fun

We haven't had a Friday Family Fun night in a while because frankly, during the summer, every night is a fun night.  With Kalyn starting school this week it has been a week full of early mornings, early bedtimes, and adjusting back to a school routine.  Last night was a great Friday night.  We made homemade veggie pizzas that we grilled.  They were AWESOME!  We used the Pioneer Woman's pizza dough recipe and a sauce recipe from Tasty Kitchen with some slight modifications.  We made about eight personal sized dough rounds and froze what we didn't use for another time (which - they were so delicious ended up being Saturday lunch). Dave made some incredible pizza sauce after I realized we didn't have any.  I don't think we will ever buy a can of pizza sauce again.  It was too easy to make it and so delicious.  For your viewing pleasure:

This is my pizza.  Onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, spinach, and basil..mmmm.  There were also mushrooms available, but only two out of the three of us choose them.  Can you guess who didn't??  It's a little obvious, right?  Dave grilled the pizzas two at a time over indirect heat on our grill.  He lit the two outside burners and cooked the pizzas in the middle of the grill. 

As we ate our pizzas, we began the first of three rounds of the following game:
This game was so much fun!!  We've been looking at getting it every time we go to Target but never actually purchased it.  We happened to find it for $2 at a thrift store earlier in the week.  We checked to make sure all of the pieces were theres before we purchased it and only needed to replace the Cranium Clay with some of our own play-doh!  Sweet deal!  It also provided us with three hours of awesome family fun! 

We finished off our last round of Cadoo with some homemade warm banana pudding.  A sweet ending to a great Friday night!

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