Sunday, August 22, 2010

Book Case - Almost Ready to do the Finishing touches.

Well - if you go back a little while in the blog you will notice that we asked for help in choosing a color for the bookcases we got off Craigslist. We chose yellow. I have primed most of it and have it ready to go into finishing stages.  Here are a few things to bring you up to speed about . After I had completed tthe fun things going on around here.  After the first round of priming, Erin decided to complete her first ever graffiti and she got all delinquent on the back of the bookcase. Take a look.

The picture is a little out of focus because the little one took it, but I am sure that you can make out what it says. Erin looks at me after I saw it and said, "I have always wanted to do that and I finally did it." This was pretty cute but I did have to paint over it and move on with the project. I was tempted to leave it there permanently when it was pushed up against a wall but I couldn't do this and not go all the way with it. So here is what I am calling Stage 2.

Now when I started this project I found that using the spray primer was just not going to cut it and I had to move back to OLD FAITHFUL when it comes to primers. KILZ 2. What was I thinking?  Trying to cheat my way through this project? Naah. That spraypaint is not gonna cut it so I do not recommend anything other than KILZ 2 when it comes to primers.

If you guys didn't know either (because I didn't) Martha Stewart has a new line of paints at the HOME DEPOT. Well guess what Martha? I am not paying an extra four dollars for your name to be on my can of paint. So the paint person at Home Depot let us know that Glidden makes the Martha Stewart paint and that she could shade it to exactly that color for us and it would save us money. So if you want Marthas colors but don't wanna pay her price just get some Glidden paint. If you already knew this then I applaud your shopper savvy-ness.

Well hopefully next weekend I will have this complete and will be able to show you the final pictures. Until then God bless and have a great week.

Dave out.

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