Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just makin'..... A List of "Do's" for our Home

While browsing some craft and design blogs this week, I came upon an awesomely cute idea for a list of "do's" for a home.

I fell in love with it and decided to do my own version. I wanted to use the same words found on Design Intervention but use a technique I found on the blog, Tatertots and Jello.

I began by printing out the words for the project .  Here is my stack of paper and my canvas.

I then cut out the words and made sure they fit onto the canvas.  I'm so glad it was perfect because little did I know, the next step would take up my entire day!  Here is a picture of the words laid out onto the canvas. 

The next step took sooooooooooooooooooo loooooooong.  And that doesn't even remotely convey how long it took.  I traced all the letters onto contact paper and cut them out with craft scissors and an Exacto knife.  I thought it would take me an hour or two to do this - but it took all day!  I then adhered the contact paper letters to canvas and spray painted the canvas blue.  I let the paint dry and removed the contact paper and this is how it turned out....

This was an inexpensive project because I used many things I already had around the house. 

Here is my list of supplies:

Contact paper (already had on hand)
Spray paint (already had on hand - I had painted a lamp in my living room this same color a few weeks ago)
Stampin' Up! Crafters Tool Kit - This was a life-saver!  It had so many useful tools in it that I used for this.
18" x 24" Canvas - This was the only thing I bought for this specifically.  I purchased a 2-pack at Michael's for $14.99 and had a 40% coupon.  It ended up being less than $5 for this one canvas. 

I hung it up in our family room.

I'm not sure how I feel about it here, but thank goodness it's moveable!


  1. I absolutely LOVE this!!!! Please make me something for my house :)

  2. Celia! Tell me what you want and I'll try! Your birthday is next week.... :)

  3. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me!!! Love this. Great color too! So awesome. Puts my bare walls to shame. Someday I will spend the time to decorate. =)

  4. Did you have any issues with the paint lifting when you took off the contact paper? I've been wanting to try this.