Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is it an addiction?

I'm afraid.  I'm afraid I have overcommitted.  It may just be too much to handle.

I bought more new furniture last week.  I'm beginning to think I may have a problem.  And yes, I think I'm going to have to refinish this piece, too. 

I know, I know.  We haven't even finished the bookshelves that Dave started....a month ago?  It is sitting in the garage - almost finished.  I think I'll let Dave explain what's holding that project up though...

I found two matching little cherry side tables on Craigslist for free a few weeks ago and picked them up.  I think they will make cute little side tables for our guest room one day.  And I found this!

This beautiful dresser is going to be Kalyn's.  Though, it is almost toooo pretty.  We are slowly (emphasis on slow) changing her room to reflect that she will one day not want cute-sy little girl decorations.  We are also anticipating that she may want a real dresser - with a mirror - at some point. 

This will accomplish two things.  A).  She will no longer have a juvenile dresser, but something to grow into.  We will no longer have to find creative ways to fold her jeans and pajamas so they will fit in the drawars.  B).  She can practice being narcissitic in her own room.  What is it about little girls and jewelry and hairbows and a mirror?

I'm so happy about this dresser.  We had been looking at it for several months at an antique store.  It was tucked away in a little room in the back.  It had originally been marked at $450 and was recently marked down to $250.  I was so excited when last week, my sister and I were furniture shopping and I walked in and this was marked at $100!  What?  Yes, you heard right....$100 for this beautiful dresser. 

As happy as I am about this dresser, I have a problem though.  None of Kalyn's furniture matches.  Or remotely goes together.  Her bed is an antique (read, probably some of the "antiquing is a layer of dirt and it needs to be scrubbed and repainted because she is the fourth little girl that I know of to have this bed") white, her toy shelf and nightstand is white, this dresser is a beautiful oak brown, and her new chair is black with zebra print fabric. 


This is where I need YOUR help!  Leave me a comment with some advice on what to do with the dresser!  Leave it as it is.  I've considered repainting her bed, nightstand, and this all an antique white.  Or maybe doing something dramatic - like paint everything black!  Please, please, please leave a suggestion!

But guess WHAT?????  That's not all....

My guest room is full of furniture - some that needs to be sold and some that may or may not need refinishing  And I mean full.  Like, some dining chairs.  Some cool, vintage, mid-century modern living room chairs.  A display cabinet.

I'm happy to's not all mine. 

My sister is moving closer to me (YAY!!) and most of the abovementioned belongs to her.  She has made several furniture-shopping trips up here to the Denver area and I'm storing all of her cool finds for her.  Here are her most recent finds (pictures are from when we brought them home the other day).

Elisabeth and I are going to *try* to reupholster this pair of mid-century modern salmon colored chairs.  Everything about them is fabulous except the color.  I think we can do it! 

She is also going to refinish this.  She's thrown a couple of ideas out there.  I think this cabinet will be a great refinishing project.  Oh!  And should I mention she got great deals on all of this!

I have never really gotten to shop with my sister as an adult.  Like, shopping for things for our homes.  We moved far away before she graduated college and then they moved far away from our home state.  It has been so much fun to shop with her and spend time with her like this.  I feel like we will be so blessed to be only 8 hours apart in a few weeks!!!!

I love furniture shopping, but I think these may be the last pieces of furniture and projects I'm going to try and finish for this year....

...unless I find a great dresser or buffet that is so fabulous (read: cheap, solid, and it's looks Pottery Barn-ish) that I must have it as I am still (kind of) looking for one to upcycle into an entertainment center. 

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